Welcome to USA Change Day 2015

Ready to fire up your passion? Unleash your creativity? What is the one change YOU will make to improve the care and wellbeing of those we serve? USA Change Day is a social movement to create positive and lasting change in healthcare through the power of individuals and groups of individuals.

What is it?

USA Change Day harnesses the passion, commitment, and innovation that we see every day across organizations. It uses the power of shared purpose to challenge the status quo and to try something simple yet different in order to improve healthcare.

How do I do it?

  • Champion and communicate USA Change Day
  • PLEDGE HERE! a change that you are willing to make
  • Celebrate and showcase pledges, changes, and successes

USA Change Day is built off of the pioneering work of the National Health Service. The National Health Service launched Change Day in 2013. It began as a grassroots campaign, started by a small team. Its mission was simple—to challenge everybody within the organization to pledge just one thing that they would commit to doing in the next year to improve healthcare. This small initiative turned into a huge success, and now we’ve brought the movement to the United States of America.